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Map Energy can guide you through the energy efficiency landscape, from optimization, building improvements, new builds, and beyond.

Helping you make energy efficiency easy

At Map Energy we’re committed to helping homeowners, homebuilders, and business owners navigate through the maze of energy optimization opportunities and incentives. Whether your goal is to save money on your utility bills or achieve net zero, we’re here to make energy easy.


We specialize in providing energy optimization for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.


We believe in a balanced approach to helping our clients achieve net zero by designing an equation to get you there.


Our partnerships with field specialists give us the advantage to provide you with the best solution available.


When you need real return on investment, our team is prepared to help you implement your vision for net zero emissions.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from our clients



“Good Morning Stephen. You are my new best friend. We got the cheque in the mail yesterday for the reno from Union gas. It would not have happened without your ongoing diligence and attention on our behalf. We thank you, from the deepest part of our hearts for this and will recommend you for anything that you do in this field of work. Many thanks also to Justin if you could pass on to him for us. Sincerely Gary & Judy Garniss.”

Energy Management

Our team can help you find ways to better manage the electricity costs of your home. You may be wondering, what exactly are the benefits of energy optimization? Here are just a few:

A More Comfortable Home

A More Comfortable Home It’s true! By optimizing your home’s energy usage you’ll improve the comfort of your home, making the whole family happy.

Save Money

Who wouldn’t like to save on the cost of electricity? Reduce your energy costs and save for other incentives.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Not only are you saving your green, but you can also be greener by helping to cut down carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

Building A Sustainable Future

The modern client is more invested in the efficiency of buildings than ever before.

At Map Energy we provide builders with the resources they need to design affordable, energy efficient construction. Smart energy practices have never been easier to integrate into your process, we can help you improve the comfort, quality, and efficiency of the homes you build while reducing instances of call-backs and post-build warranty claims. Let’s work together to create sustainable building practices for your customers and the planet.

Invest in your business with energy optimization

Map Energy can help provide you with energy optimization options that are right for you, your employees, and your business now and well into the future. Whether you run an office, a greenhouse, or a corner store – there are ways to save and make meaningful environmental impact for every business, in every industry.

Learn more about the numerous ways businesses just like yours have reduced their carbon footprint in our articles section. You too can get started on the path to energy saving by contacting us here.

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